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Energy Facilities
Siting & Permitting


Siting and licensing critical energy infrastructure in New England has become increasingly complex in recent years.  Groundbreaking changes in the permitting landscape, such as the Massachusetts Green Communities Act (2008), Global Warming Solutions Act (2008), Climate Change Act and Roadmap Law (2021), and the most recent Clean Energy Act (2022), have instituted complex requirements and new opportunities for critical energy infrastructure facilities, including, but not limited to electric transmission networks, wind power, solar resources, large-scale battery storage systems, and next-generation electric transmission equipment.  KW’s team has been at the forefront of successfully implementing and ensuring compliance with these crucial energy and environmental objectives on behalf of clients throughout the region. 

The interrelated array of federal, state and local siting and permitting standards requires extensive knowledge of the applicable statutory enactments and regulatory requirements to represent investor-owned utilities and private developers in New England effectively.  KW has an unmatched team of legal professionals with over 30 years of experience permitting the most complex array of projects, such as innovative new substation facilities to address sea-level rise, energy storage systems to ensure reliability of electricity, renewable energy facilities such as solar and wind generation, and needed transmission infrastructure to power the New England economy, including the electrification necessary to support the region’s climate change and carbon reduction goals.  KW attorneys also have extensive experience defending client interests in state and federal courts when challenged by project opponents.  KW’s team-based approach with a demonstrated track record in the areas of environmental science, economics, and state and local land-use requirements ensures that necessary energy infrastructure is permitted and developed in an efficient and successful manner to meet the overarching business objectives of our clients.

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