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Restoration and Transfer of Berkshire County Dam Completed With Support from Keegan Werlin

News-Image-News2After eight years of planning, permitting and reconstruction, the dam that controls water levels on the 36-acre Center Pond in Becket, Massachusetts has been transferred by Keegan Werlin’s client, Conservation Group, Inc. (CGI), to the Center Pond Restoration and Preservation District, an association of landowners formed specifically to assume ownership of the dam after reconstruction. As part of its initiative to upgrade older dams across the state, the Office of Dam Safety in the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation issued an order in 2007 directing CGI to address deficiencies in the century-old dam. Keegan Werlin’s partner Barry Fogel guided the owner through the complex process of obtaining engineering designs, real property, easements and environmental permits and licenses from federal, state and local agencies (including a 99-year Chapter 91 license and federal approval for work within a defined corridor of a federally-designated Wild and Scenic River). After supporting the process for contractor bidding, construction, permit compliance, and final inspections, Barry and Keegan Werlin’s Dan DiPietro facilitated the corporate and real estate transactions necessary to complete the transfer of the dam and related property and permits to the District.

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