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Keegan Werlin provides a wide range of advocacy services to clients in legislative, state and municipal agency matters. Our attorneys advise clients on Massachusetts laws that regulate business and industry; lobbying, ethics, and campaign finance; government procurement; and the promulgation of regulations.

We possess extensive experience representing clients in diverse projects requiring federal, state and local representation and advocacy. Our attorneys’ diverse backgrounds working with members of the Massachusetts Legislature and serving in the executive branch of Massachusetts government has allowed KW’s governmental relations professionals to develop key contacts throughout Massachusetts.

State/Legislative Advocacy
Keegan Werlin’s legislative practice is tailored to meet the particular needs of the individual client. Attorneys at the firm include three registered lobbyists with significant experience advocating for and against legislation.

As legislative advocates, we develop and implement strategic plans to promote or defeat legislative initiatives of interest to a particular client. We convey the client’s interests to key legislators, organizations and associations to secure a broad base of support. Our legislative tracking and monitoring service can also provide clients with “eyes and ears” at the State House prior to the introduction of a specific piece of legislation.

Additionally, our attorneys assist clients in monitoring and providing input to the proposed regulatory actions of various state agencies that may affect their interests.

Municipal Advocacy
At the local level, KW’s attorneys have extensive knowledge from working with municipal officials on project-related issues and local permitting.  Skilled in all facets of municipal representation, KW’s attorneys have appeared before more than 50 communities across the Commonwealth on a wide range of client issues.

SCG Legal
KW serves as the Massachusetts representative to SCG Legal, which consists of one exclusive law firm located in each state capital, as well as firms in provincial capitals and major business centers around the globe. The primary purpose of SCG Legal is to provide an organized, efficient system and a central source for the collection and dissemination of information and techniques about the practice of law in their common areas of practice.

Members of the SCG Legal practice independently and are not in a relationship for the joint practice of law, but, through SCG Legal, members are kept apprised of important developments on the state, regional and international levels.