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rwerlinRobert N. Werlin is a partner in Keegan Werlin LLP, specializing in energy and regulatory and telecommunications law. He represents electric, gas and telephone utilities, independent power producers and end users on issues concerning rates, public policy, regulatory matters, planning, contracts and project siting. Mr. Werlin joined the firm in 1991, after a seven-year career with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, where he served as Chairman, Commissioner and General Counsel. Before joining the Department of Public Utilities, he was a Senior Attorney with the United States Department of Energy.

Mr. Werlin is an expert in the field of utility regulation and has represented major utility companies on a wide range of matters, including general rate cases, electric, gas and telecommunications industry restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, energy procurement, negotiation and arbitration of telecommunications interconnection agreements, financing approvals, alternative forms of regulation, regulatory accounting and asset divestitures.

On rate issues, Mr. Werlin has successfully represented electric and gas utilities in general rate proceedings, rate-design cases and in the recovering and reconciliation of hundreds of millions of dollars of stranded costs resulting from industry restructuring. He has represented telecommunications companies and electric and gas utilities in winning approval for alternative forms of regulation that have reduced the regulatory burdens placed on those companies. He has also participated in negotiation and arbitration of interconnection agreements for an incumbent local exchange carrier to implement the terms of the federal Telecommunications Act. He has also represented the telecommunications carrier in establishing rates for unbundled wholesale services.

Many of these cases went to trial before the administrative agency, but Mr. Werlin has been able to achieve multi-party settlements in a large number of cases. His expertise and counsel has led to successful and cost-effective outcomes for the client.