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pa-private-clientsKeegan Werlin attorneys provide counsel to high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, officers, directors, physicians, closely held businesses and professional athletes in a variety of contexts, including business opportunities, business planning, contract interpretation and negotiations, intellectual property registration and protection, media relations, crisis management, as well as compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations concerning labor and employment issues.

Business Opportunities and Planning
Keegan Werlin attorneys assist private clients in assessing and maximizing business opportunities by performing legal due diligence on business and investment opportunities, protecting clients’ rights and assets in contract and in equity, and advising clients during the course of business, whether it involves high stakes decision making, starting a business, developing products, engaging in private practice in the healthcare industry or entering into complex commercial transactions with third parties.

We also assist clients in formulating and reviewing best practices for effective governance and personnel management, employee retention, training and termination, as well as leveraging existing business relationships and connections.

Intellectual Property Rights
Our attorneys assist clients in understanding, securing, negotiating, preserving and enforcing intellectual property rights in the areas of patent, trademark, trade secrets and copyright law.

Physician Practice
Keegan Werlin counsels healthcare providers in the areas of HIPAA, Stark Law, the Sunshine Act and other federal and state statutes and regulations. We also provide strategic legal counsel to healthcare providers concerning media relations, insurance coverage issues and the treatment of high profile athletes and celebrities. In addition, we represent physician inventors and researchers in securing, protecting and commercializing intellectual property rights.

Crisis Management
Keegan Werlin attorneys provide strategic legal counsel to clients in the areas of non-litigation conflict resolution, including alternative dispute resolution and mediation; government investigations and audits; self-reporting and other public disclosures, including those to shareholders, regulatory bodies, partners and insurance carriers. We have helped businesses and individuals manage potential reputational damage, information flow and media coverage. We have discretely interfaced with various media outlets to responsibly manage and monitor breaking news stories and requests for information.

Sports Law
Keegan Werlin attorneys counsel athletes and professionals contracting with, or providing services to, athletes and professional sports teams in a variety of areas including media relations, contract rights and obligations, collective bargaining and labor issues, HIPAA compliance and carve-outs, privacy rights, malpractice and other torts law.